Business Car Leasing doesn’t have to mean long-term

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Corporate Mobility Management

Updating Corporate Vehicle Fleet Management

GoodLease is the answer to the modern dilemma facing users of company provided vehicles. Both Benefit-in-Kind exposure and the demonization of diesel powered cars has fuelled unprecedented concern to the point where doing nothing is de-rigeur!

As a progressive business, standing still is not an option. Your people have to get to their markets and clients and relying on older cars with the attendant maintenance costs, allied to the potential penalties for higher CO2 emitting cars, is a non-starter. While politicians dither, your business has to move forward – today.

Stop Worrying: Take action to future-proof your vehicle management methods

The mixed messages in the media together with the unbalanced reporting of the diesel debate is creating a climate of confusion.

Corporate car drivers taking delivery of a car on a 4 year lease do not know their BIK tax exposure after 2020, so continue with their old car increasing their own BIK contribution and your company’s vehicle maintenance costs.

There’s a very straightforward and immediate solution; GoodLease for varying periods - to feel your way to the time the politicians make a decision – with cars that will fit your vehicle policy complete with an integration process that keeps you in total control without any need for regime change.

GoodLease will provide your business with the most up-to-date (new) cars for periods of 90 to 365 days (or more) on terms that will completely change the way you view traditional 3 and 4 year leases, and more importantly remove the element of risk of 'early termination' which is always a possibility with a long-term contract.

Why Goodlease

A GoodLease is a lot more than the supply of a car or a van

It’s an intelligent adjunct to your company’s car fleet policy and is designed to reduce your exposure to long-term leases.

It's good for your business

as you have no long term commitment; any period from 3 months to 18 months covering almost every make and model of car.

It's good for your drivers

as they will get a new car every few months and it's equally good for motivation.

It's good for the environment

as all modern cars are Euro 6 compliant and environmentally friendly - even diesels.

It's good for your company's image

as you are seen to be leading a clean campaign.

It's good for your bottom line

as maintenance costs are negligible and rentals compare favourably with 3 and 4 year inflexible contracts.

It's good for your recruitment team

attracting candidates who like your clean credentials and getting a new car every few months.

It's good for your fleet department

as all the related administration is handled for you and significantly reduces their workload.

About Us

GoodLease is a business with a 23-year pedigree serving progressive business

with its corporate mobility management and intervention services across Europe

Your requirements for a tried, tested and reliable platform to keep your executives mobile is under-pinned by an operating process that gives you freedom and flexibility in the way you provide key personnel with this business-critical service.

The GoodLease team is capable and competent in the provision of corporate fleet services. We also have the know how to best build you an unshakeable operating platform for the provision of everything vehicle related in your business that will seamlessly integrate with your existing fleet management arrangements.

You should undertake this exercise personally and speak to people

do not rely on email responses – that way you get a real feel for the people you will be working with

You and Us

Before you select your lease and fleet management partner...

it’s important you satisfy yourself that when 'push' comes to 'shove' you have a true partner.

Take the time to do your own due diligence and really dig deep to get a comprehensive appreciation of what you want is what you get:

  • Who will be your primary point of contact and how accessible are they?
  • What technology is on offer and is it compatible with my system?
  • How flexible is the contract between us?
  • Who will answer my telephone calls on a day-to-day basis?
  • What’s the company’s culture like – how happy are the people who work there?
  • What’s their public image like?
Medium Term Fleet Leasing for periods of 60 days to 18 months

No long - term exposure

Comprehensive right-source proactive fleet management

Leaving no stone unturned if you outsource or insource – either way we’ll make you the fleet hero

Vehicle Rental Intervention Management

Error free and labour-lite rental efficiency

Fuel Card Management

Analysing and measuring real fuel usage with cost reduction uppermost

Mileage Management Reporting

Keeping HMRC satisfied and away from your door

Accident Repair with Insurance Control and Management

Keeping you away from the paper chase and getting your vehicles back on the road quickly and properly repaired

Fleet Logistics

Appraising, refurbishing and storing all/any surplus cars before returning them to service


BMW 118i M-Sport - Manual

6 MONTHS - 12,000 miles | £400 +VAT


Audi A4 2.0 TFSi Avant - Auto

7 MONTHS - 14,000 miles | £450 +VAT


VW Golf 1.4 Tsi SE Nav 125 DSG

6 MONTHS - 12,000 miles | £435 +VAT


Mercedes Benz C220d SE - Auto

6 MONTHS - 12,000 miles | £485 +VAT


Audi A4 2.0 TFSi - 190 S-Line

6 MONTHS - 15,000 miles | £685 +VAT


BMW X4 M-Sport

6 MONTHS - 12,000 miles | £690 +VAT


Toyota CHR Dynamic - 5 door 1.8 CVT

3 MONTHS - 6,000 miles | £545 +VAT


Skoda Octavia Estate SE 2.0 TDi - Manual

6 MONTHS - 12,000 miles | £335 +VAT

Trusted Partner

Central to successfully operating a vehicle fleet is the knowledge that somebody has your back

The complexity and legal responsibility for this business-critical function is usually beyond the capability of a single person. It’s essential to have people you know and trust and work with a supportive and collaborative partner who has the knowledge and experience you need to make major decisions.

Our FleetLocum team follow a continuous and proactive process to provide unrivalled consulting support and a collaborative approach to continually enhance the trust you have placed in us.

The three-step process to keep you ahead is

Leveraging Vehicle lifecycle cost analysis creates a blue-print


We work with you to create a balanced scorecard which proactively manages the cost and trends within your fleet from the system output. This prevents events becoming issues long before they ‘take root’


We will give you cast iron guarantees to make savings on both financial and efficiency levels. Strategic consulting is an ongoing collaborative process that is an integral part of your relationship with FleetLocum. You will get consistent engagement and proactive recommendations over time to drive measurable improvement, together with industry standard best practices and performance to drive meaningful change.


Find Us: 2 Doolittle Yard, Froghall Road Ampthill, Bedfordshire MK45 2NW